Asia is the 2nd largest digital health ecosystem in the world. Investments in the sector totaled 6.3 billion in 2018. 5 Faces of digital health episod...View Details

Developing countries are often seen as ideal test hubs for innovation: there's no existing infrastructure to disrupt, the regulation permits a faster ...View Details

G4A, formerly known as Grants4Apps is probably the most famous digital health accelerator inside a Pharma conglomerate. For a few years, the program ...View Details

Longevity, eternal youth or even immortality have been an aspiration in religion and culture throughout history. Today, people adopt all sorts of appr...View Details

Estonia has only 1,3 million people but is famous worldwide for its digital governance. If you want, you can even become an Estonian electronic resid...View Details

The mission of Faces of digital health podcast is to share insights to multiply ideas for worldwide healthcare improvement. For this purpose I like to...View Details currently lists 302,091 clinical studies in the US. It is impossible for patients and their doctors to be aware of all clinical tri...View Details

Anyone who wishes to learn about blockchain in general or specifically in healthcare can get overwhelmed by the number of results offered by a Google ...View Details

Every person is unique and we all differ in our looks, but have you ever wondered, how much do people differ on the inside? This is something surgeons...View Details

Hackathons have by today become a popular approach for bringing people with various backgrounds in the same room, offering them a concentrated time, u...View Details

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