Dr. Dimitri Varsamis is Senior Policy Lead for digital primary care at NHS England. End of 2020 he published a report titled Incentives and levers for...View Details

2021 is finally here, and as with any new year, we wish this one to be better than the previous one. 2020 sure changed the perspective of what that ac...View Details

Recap: www.facesofdigitalhealth.com/blog/digital-health-2021-predictions  In this last episode of 2020, we will reflect on the year and look into the ...View Details

The idea behind regenerative medicine is to enable medicine to use human cells as therapies. This means that instead of using artificial joints and ot...View Details

The U.S. prescription drug market is worth $400 billion. Companies such as GoodRx, RxSaver and now Amazon Pharmacy are starting to bring pricing trans...View Details

In the last two years, the hype around blockchain settled down, and now projects can focus more on development rather than managing attention. Many pr...View Details

When this discussion was recorded on 20th November, New Zealand, which has 4.9 million people, only had 50 reported cases of COVID in the whole countr...View Details

In this episode, you will hear a discussion with Julian Flannery - the CEO of. Summus Global. Summus global provides access to specialists and physici...View Details

Rajeev Ronanki is Chief Digital Officer at Anthem, which is striving to become a digital AI-first enterprise. In September Anthem launched a digital i...View Details

We are in the middle of an unprecedented time of anxiety, depression and worries because of the global coronavirus pandemic. It’s affecting people’s j...View Details

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