Spain has a universal healthcare system, where anyone that pays social security contributions is eligible for healthcare. From the digitalization pers...View Details

Chronolife is a French company innovating in the space of smart garments for remote patient monitoring. Clothes are not the main innovation of the com...View Details

Do you remember the first connected scale? It came to the market in 2009 by a French company called Withings. By today the company created a number of...View Details

This episode is a collection of thoughts giving you a glimpse into the global digital health market. Leave a rating or a review: https://lovethepodca...View Details

This is the 4th part of a short series about healthcare and digital health in South America. Venezuela is a country in the current severe turmoil beca...View Details

This is the third episode of the short series about digital health in South America. In the previous episodes you could listen to Adrian Turjanski fro...View Details

When Googling the Colombian healthcare system, there’s mostly praise about how good it is! The World Health Organization ranked Colombia’s healthcare ...View Details

After a special series about digital health in Asia and Africa covered in 2019, the upcoming four episodes will present speakers from South America. A...View Details

Glen de Vries is president of Medidata, the world’s largest platform for clinical research trial data. Medidata is working with several research group...View Details

Germany is one of the European countries with higher healthcare expenditures. 11% of GDP goes to healthcare compared to the 9.6% European average. Pat...View Details

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