Clinical advocacy has many different shapes. In the US, says Dr. Bettina Ryll, patient advocates work as patient’s navigators in the healthcare system...View Details

In the second episode of the short series about the patient perspective of healthcare. Marina Borukhovich, born in Belarus, raised in US and living fo...View Details

Roi Shternin had medical ambitions while he was still a student. Before he turned 20 however, his physical health started deteriorating to the point w...View Details

Social isolation and loneliness are linked to several health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, a weakened immune system, a...View Details

Building communities is time-consuming and demands special soft skills. Aline Noizet is a digital health connector with rich experiences of building a...View Details

In May 2020, Medical Device Regulation goes into effect. Digital health companies providing software intended for medical use will need to comply with...View Details

According to Clearwater cyberIntelligence Institute, one of the key issues in data breaches are user authentication deficiencies. These include passwo...View Details

Nine opinion leaders in digital health - John Nosta, Rafael Grossmann, Aline Noizet, Brian de Francesca, Irma Rastagayeva, Eugene Borukhovich, Maneesh...View Details

 South Africa is a restless country with Race and ethnicity still causing a lot of tension in the society. On the healthcare side, there are only 0.9 ...View Details

In 2016, the UK based company Babylon Health, radically transforming access to primary care in the NHS in the UK, opened a subsidiary in Rwanda. The R...View Details

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