This is the 4th part of a short series about healthcare and digital health in South America.
Venezuela is a country in the current severe turmoil because of a political crisis that also turned into a medical crisis. At the beginning of 2019, the government refused to accept medical supplies from abroad through humanitarian organizations. By December 2019, 1.8 million people fled to Colombia.

PEGASI is an IT company specialized in digital health and the smart management of healthcare information. With a solid base in Venezuela, PEGASI is currently expanding into Chile and the Dominican Republic. In contrast to Venezuela, according to The Startup VC, Chile is perhaps one of the most attractive countries to form a startup in Latin AmericaCORFO offers seed money to startups from all over the world. In ten years, CORFO funded over 1,600 startups from 80 countries. 

The CEO of PEGASI Luis Santiago, has been involved in the company since his teenage years because his father founded the company in 1992. While Luis pursued a different career path at first by studying journalism, he then dived into programming to be able to lead and develop the company further.


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