Despite enjoying clinical practice, Benedict Evans still came to a point where he felt he is not passionate enough about what he does, and as a surgeo...View Details

Leah Houston is an Emergency Physician who has been following blockchain development since 2012 and now designed a solution that would empower doctors...View Details

This is the fourth episode in the short series about nurses who moved to entrepreneurship.   Mary Lou Ackerman is Vice President of Innovation and Di...View Details

This is a third discussion in the short series about nurses going into entrepreneurship. Karmi Soder started working as a pediatric clinical care nurs...View Details

Sherezade Ruano is an Arrhythmia Specialist Nurse at Imperial College NHS Trust, Founder of RhythmiaBreath Medical Well-being programme and Co-Founder...View Details

2020 is the year of the nurse and the midwife. What do nurses actually do and why are they still a hidden innovation treasure in healthcare?   In this...View Details

Karan Raj is a "veteran" in online education. He founded TheOSCEstation - an online medical education website with videos explaining different medical...View Details

There are three “laws” for successful TikTok posts: make people laugh, tell a personal story people can empathize with, or teach people something. Doc...View Details

This is the fourth and final episode of a short series of discussions with doctors that moved from full-time clinical practice to work in digital heal...View Details

This is the third discussion in a short series about doctors who left clinical practice to work as entrepreneurs in digital health. In the previous ep...View Details

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